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Ushuaia Tierra del Fuego, Antártida e Islas del Atlántico Sur Patagonia Argentina


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Descubrí Tierra del Fuego



End of the world, beginning of everything


At the southern end of Argentina's Patagonia, surrounded by the Martial mountain range and the shores of the Beagle Channel is located the city of Ushuaia, capital of the province of Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and South Atlantic Islands. The first inhabitants of Tierra del Fuego were aboriginal tribes of hunter-gatherers who lived mainly on the coasts: selknam, haush and yaganes. With the intention of evangelizing the civilizations that inhabited these lands, the first Anglican missions were installed at the end of 1869. Towards 1884, with the objective of reaffirming the Argentine sovereignty and maintaining a strategic position in the region, the first Argentine military base was established. This is why October 12, 1884 is considered the day of the foundation of what is today the city of Ushuaia. The territory had a limited growth until 1896, when the national government implemented the model of Penal Colony urbanization. This model consisted of promoting urban growth around a prison, which would also contain complementary functions that would help supply the town. The current building of the Ushuaia prision was built in 1902 and functioned as such until 1947, when it was closed. Towards 1970 a new stage of population growth begins due to the sanction of the law of industrial promotion 19640, which grants a series of tax benefits to those industries that decide to settle in the territory of Tierra del Fuego. Along with the industries, numerous families from all regions of the country decide to move to Tierra del Fuego in search of a prosperous future.